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Reapers Rustout has created custom guides to showcase the features we offer to players. Featured Commands are available to all players. VIP Commands require certain VIP permissions depending on the command used.

Custom Seed & Clone Genetics:

How To Use:

Place item you wish to modify in your hand making it the active item. Type the command followed by the genes you wish to apply.

Permission: All VIP Tiers

Set Genetics:
/setgenes <genes>
Example: /setgenes gggyyy

Spawn Minicopter:

How To Use:

When the command is entered, a minicopter will spawn where you are looking.

Permission: VIPGold+ | VIPGold

Spawn Minicopter:
De-Spawn Minicopter:

Sign Artist:

How To Use:

Use /sil to download an image from a URL to the server and display it on the sign you are currently looking at.

Permission: VIPGold+

Apply Custom Image:
/sil "<url>"
Example: /sil ""

Pet Taming System:

How To Use:

Type /pet to activate your pet controller, then stand next to any animal and press E key to tame it.
To issue a move order look at the position you want your pet to move to and press the E key.
To feed your pet look at a dead player or animal and press the E key.
To issue a attack order look at a target (enemy player or animal) and press the E key.
To open your pets inventory, simply stand next to your pet and press the E key to open.
The R key is used to command your pet to stay/follow.

Permission: VIPGold+

Enable/Disable Pet Controller:
Release Pet Into The Wild:
/pet free
Pet Sleep/Awake:
/pet sleep
Show Pet Stats:
/pet info

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