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How To Verify/Link Discord:

Official Rust Modded Vanilla Server

Verify & Link Discord | Discord Kits

Reapers Rustout has special kits available to players that have verified and linked their Discord to our server. Here you can find the steps to get verified.

NOTE: Discord Verified Kits will appear as "VIP Kit" if you aren't verified. Once verified, they will appear as "Redeem". If a kit still appears as "VIP Kit" after verifying, it can only be made available by purchasing the associated VIP Package.

Step 1:

Join Our Discord:
Click Here

Step 2:

While in-game, type /verify in chat. You will be given a unique, randomly generated code. Copy this code.

Step 3:

While in Discord on our server, at the top right, click the "Show Member List" button. Find the RustVerify Bot under the "Helpers" role. Send your generated code to RustVerify in a private message. The bot will respond with your verification status.

Success! You're now verified!

Claim your verified kits in-game using the /kit chat command.

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