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Most Recent Updates:

Official Rust Modded Vanilla Server

Server Updates | Change Log | Admin

  • Web page created for admin change log. (11-20-2022)(9:20 PM EST)

  • Pets (Allows all players to tame pets)

  • Admin Radar
    (Used to track players on the map via radar/esp)

  • Automatic Authorization
    (Automatically authorizes team members to TC/Locks/Turrets)

  • Better Chat
    (Chat Tags Before Names ex. "Admin")

  • Building Workbench
    (Workbench Works Inside Entire Base)

  • Compound Options
    (Used To Change Shop Items/Prices in Bandit/Outpost)

  • Crafting Controller
    (Used To Modify Crafting Speeds)

  • Custom Genetics
    (Used to manually change genetics on seeds/clones)

  • Dance
    (Allows all players to use the dance emote without DLC.)

  • Furnace Splitter
    (Automatically splits stacks in furnace.)

  • Gather Manager
    (Used To Change Gather Rates For Resources)

  • ImageLibrary
    (Kits will not display images without this)

  • HeliSams
    (Allows SAM Sites to target patrol helicopters and chinooks)

  • Kits
    (Used to create and redeem kits)

  • Magic Loot
    (Change Loot Rates For Barrels etc)

  • Max Cupboard Auths
    (Change how many players can authorize on a TC)

  • Moveable CCTV Cameras
    (Allows all players to move cameras using WASD)

  • No Decay
    (Changes Upkeep Decay Rates)

  • No Give Notices
    (Prevents players from being notified when admins use the 'give' command.)

  • Pets
    (Allows all players to tame pets)

  • Player Location
    (Shows location and state of all players on the server)

  • Quick Smelt
    (Changes Smelting Times In Furnaces)

  • SAM Site Auth
    (SAM Sites work the same way as shotgun traps)

  • Security Cameras
    (Enables motion tracking of players within range of CCTV)

  • Sign Artist
    (Upload images from URL to in-game signs)

  • Spawn Mini
    (Allows permissions for players to spawn minicopters)

  • Spectate
    (Admin ability to spectate players)

  • Stack Size Controller
    (Changes item stack sizes)

  • Time Of Day
    (Changes day/night cycle duration)

  • Vanish
    (Permissions to allow admins to become invisible and quiet)

Plugins Installed (Verified Working):

Plugins Not Installed/Configured:

  • Auto Engine Parts
    (Vehicles that spawn on roads come with engine parts)

  • Auto Pickup
    (Automatically picks up items from broken barrels)

  • Blueprint Manager
    (Manages player blueprints for a wipe)

  • Disable Damage
    (Disables a players ability to deal damage)

  • Loading Messages
    (Shows custom messages on Rust Loading Screen.)

  • Raid Tracker
    (Alerts players of a nearby raid)

  • Remover Tool
    (Similar to "ent kill" but for players. Used for removing walls/floors)

  • Server Rewards
    (Allows a player to earn and spend reward points.)

  • Skins
    (Allows players to re-skin items)

  • Voter
    (Players can gain rewards by voting for the server.)

  • Welcome Screen
    (Shows a welcome image upon player login)

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