Reapers Rustout

3X+ | Monthly | Vanilla | Custom Map

Reapers Rustout

Main Features
Available To All Players:

Official Rust Modded Vanilla Server

Server Features | Mods

  • 3X Resource Gather Rate (1.5X Sulfur) + 3X Scrap & Loot

  • 50% Upkeep | 75% Reduced Crafting & Smelting Time

  • Workbench crafting range is extended to the entire base.

  • Recycle speed is greatly increased. Spend less time recycling.

  • Extra recyclers located at many monuments.

  • Furnace Splitter | Increased Stack Sizes (10K Resources)

Reapers Rustout is a unique server with unique ideas. All server features listed here are available to all players. These features are hand picked and carefully curated so that you receive the best playing experience.

Additional Features
Available To All Players:

  • Moveable CCTV Cameras Using WASD

  • CCTV Cameras automatically track player motion

  • Bear Traps Authorize To TC & Team

  • Players can place loot bounties on other players.

  • Players can use the "Dance" emote without any DLC.

  • SAM Sites behave just like shotgun traps using TC Auth.

  • SAM Sites will target Patrol Helicopter, Chinook,

  • Elevators require no power and have a built-in display for the current floor.

  • When a player is bleeding, they will emit a blood trail that can be tracked.

  • Players are able to plant a whole planter box in one click.

  • Solar Panels produce more power even in low light conditions.

  • Earn currency for certain tasks and spend them at our in-game shop.

  • Generate power with a Test Generator that costs scrap to produce electricity.

  • Players have the "Remover Tool" for use when you can no longer demolish walls or floors in your base.

  • Box Sorting Interface & Sort Button

  • Sync Pipes (Move, Transfer, Sort, Smelt automatically when pipes are used.)

Reapers Rustout follows the same wipe schedule as facepunch. Server wipes between 7:00 AM EST & 12:00 AM EST on the first Thursday of every month.
(Thursday night into Friday morning).

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