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Reapers Rustout has created custom guides to showcase the features we offer to players. Featured Commands are available to all players. VIP Commands require certain VIP permissions depending on the command used.

Auto Plant:

Select a plant/clone/seed to be your active item. Target a planterbox. Hold SHIFT and click LEFT MOUSE button. All free slots in the planter box will be planted by active item.

Bounty & Rewards:

Show Bounty Help:
Place A Bounty (Item Reward):
/bounty add items <player>
Place A Bounty (Money Reward):
/bounty add eco <player>
Cancel A Bounty:
/bounty cancel <player>
View Active Bounties On A Player:
/bounty view <player>
Claim All Completed Bounties:
/bounty claim
Show Top 10 Bounty Hunters:
/bounty top
Show Top 10 Most Wanted Players:
/bounty wanted


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